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Appropriate Use, Confidentiality & Outcomes

Appropriate use of this process

This process focuses specifically on issues arising from the management of a procurement competition which will result in a contract award.

Objections can be made related to:

  1. The process used to evaluate proposals
  2. How the evaluation criteria were applied; and/or
  3. Management of the overall RFP process.
Objections may not include issues related to other proponents evaluations or to individual point ratings given by an evaluation committee to specific evaluation criteria.

Objections will be accepted from:

  • Vendors who actually submitted a qualifying bid (meets all mandatory requirements) or proposal in response to the competition; or
  • Vendors who feel they were not fairly permitted to submit a proposal to Support Services.
Complaints related to vendor treatment, performance or conduct during a contract will be handled as set out in the contract or by the Supply Chain Lead responsible for the contract.

This process does not limit or impair the rights of any vendor to seek a review through other review processes or remedies of law through the judicial or other processes.

Confidentiality of complaint materials

Support Services is subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (The Act).  Proprietary information can be protected under the Act (Section 21), which deems disclosure harmful to business interests of a third party.

Please clearly mark any part of your documentation that you consider to fall under this protection with “Confidential.” 

Please note that should there be a dispute regarding the protection of this information, the final decision is made by the British Columbia Information and Privacy Commissioner.

Outcomes of this process

At each complaint process stage, the objection will be reviewed by the appropriate Supply Chain representative, and a response will be provided in writing.  If the objection is found to have merit, Support Services may recommend the following possible outcomes/remedies: 

  • Acknowledgement of the validity of the complaint and a renewed commitment to procedure and policy;
  • Additional training and education for staff regarding procurement competencies;
  • Enhanced contract language; and
  • Increased communication of policy
If it is determined that a serious error has occurred, there may be a recommendation for cancellation or amendment of the competition or contract.

All ethical or legal breaches will be referred to the VP Supply Chain who is bound to report these to BC Clinical and Support Services Management.

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